Monday, January 28, 2013

trail mix with crispy almonds...

Raw nuts contain enzyme inhibitors that make them hard on our digestive systems.  In order to get the maximum nutrient potential they should be soaked and dehydrated to make crispy nuts (good video).  I've been soaking nuts and seeds for a while and notice that they are much easier on my stomach and also taste even better.

To soak almonds add 1 tablespoon himalayan or other natural, high-quality salt for every 4 cups nuts, cover with filtered water and let soak for about 7 hours or overnight.  In the morning drain and then place in a dehydrator or a warm oven (150 degrees) until dry (12 -24 hours), mixing once or twice.  When they are dry you can grind them up to make almond flour for recipes or just eat them plain.  I like to mix them with carob or chocolate chips, coconut chips, raisins (costco has organic raisins) and a little more salt for trail mix.  Sometimes we'll just put a little salt on some raisins and call it good, but this trail mix is my favorite! 

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