Finding the Good Stuff...

*We are local to Napa/Solano/Yolo Counties in California*

Food & Meat Sources

Eatwell Farm: (866) 627-2465
5835 Sievers Rd., Dixon, CA 95620
local, organic produce delivery+farm days

Nature's Bounty Meats: (707) 693-0908
5634-5636 Weber Rd. Vacaville, CA 95687
local all natural grass-fed lamb, beef, goat and chicken.  local honey.  now selling meat by the pound.

Yolo Land & Cattle: (530) 661-7038
PMB# 194, 1296 E. Gibson Road, Woodland, California 95776
local grass-fed beef-Davis Farmer's Market on Saturdays 8-1 or call for larger quantities.  weddings,
events, tours.

U.S. Wellness Meats: grass-fed meats, liver, etc.

Vital Choice: wild seafood and organics

Katz and Company: locally produced olive oil & vinegar

Morningsun Herb Farm: herbs, organic vegetable starts, classes

Tropical Traditions: coconut oil, grass-fed meat, skincare, recipes, etc.

Widerness Family Naturals: coconut oil, soaked & dehydrated nuts, skincare, etc.

Farmhouse Culture: sauerkraut

Immunitrition: cultured vegetables

Wise Choice Market: raw, cultured vegetable products

To Your Health: organic sprouted flour

Cultures For Health: starter cultures for yogurt, kefir, kombucha, etc.

Mountain Rose Herbs: bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils, teas, skincare

Local Harvest: find organic farmers in your area

Water Filters

Radiant Life: 14-stage water filters

Natural Action Water: structured water filters

Dr. Mercola Healthy Home Filters: counter top, shower and whole house filters


Green Visions: handmade local organic and natural skincare

Aubrey Organics: organic skincare & makeup

Gabriel (they also make ZUZU)

Terrasilk: mineral mask & body wrap

General Wellness

Dr. Mercola: general health information/newsletter, supplements, skincare and other products

Radiant Life: foods, supplements, skincare, etc.

Pure Stream Health: sodium chlorite and citric acid (MMS)

Celeste: food grade hydrogen peroxide.

Essiac tea: (888) 900-2299

Fungi Perfecti: mushroom products

Green Pasture: cod liver oil, butter oil

Topricin: pain relief cream. see

Websites for Information

Dr. Mercola

Weston A. Price: health and nutrition

Nourishing Our Children

GAPS: Gut And Psychology Syndrome

Vaccine Truth: toxins in vaccinations

Dr. Christopher: herbal legacy
School of Natural Healing: Dr. Christopher's online herbalist courses

Food Intolerance Network: food additive information

Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc.: nutrition response training


Local Practitioners

Valerie Ozsu MSN CNM NP
ProEFT Practitioner
GAPS and Gerson PractitionerNutrition Response Testing
Natural Health and Wellness Center, Inc
(707) 448-3008

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