A Healthy Journey 

I have always been interested in holistic healing methods including Chiropractic, Ayurvedic medicine, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Native American wisdom, and Herbal Medicine and have an A.S. degree in Horticulture and am a Certified Massage Therapist.  I am drawn toward healing and balancing the body naturally, especially through whole foods.  I believe the body, if given the right tools, has the ability to heal itself and have been on my own journey of healing with the help of a natural health practitioner.  Through detoxifying and discovering my own food sensitivities I have slowly been able to change the way I shop for and prepare food for my family which has led to great improvements in our overall health and energy. 

Learning about natural healing and allergy clearing has given me a new perspective of children's health and I am deeply saddened by how kids are affected from what has gone wrong with our food supply.  Learning to incorporate new things into my lifestyle has taken time, but for me there is no alternative.  If I can heal my son's allergies today, what cumulative affect will that have on his immune system?  What foods can I introduce now that will keep his energy up and nurture his brain development and learning ability instead of creating a short attention span, hyperactivity and later on, disease?  What can I do to keep his hormones balanced, his skin healthy, his moods stable and cheerful or even to help him fight a cold or virus?  Becoming aware of how different foods affect our bodies and discovering how our bodies can tell us exactly what they need in order to heal and be healthy replaces a sense of helplessness with one of empowerment. 

I have a deep appreciation for those that take time to nurture and grow real food organically and revel in the idea of returning to the 'old ways' of preparation and of nurturing the earth and animals.  Looking to our ancestors we get a sense that what we put in our bodies, even the way we prepare our foods is sacred.  There is a reason grains were soaked, vegetables were fermented, dairy was consumed raw, animals were raised on grass in the sunshine...it's good for us!

After experiencing the difference a diet of traditional foods makes, my goal has been to continually add new skills and recipes to our daily routine while striving to keep preparations as simple as possible.  It's now becoming easier to incorporate what I've learned...to throw some sour cream in overnight, make some stock, whip up some mayonnaise, culture a batch of veggies, bottle kombucha and brew the next batch....these small things are making a huge impact in our health.

I humbly began this blog so that I might organize information, advocate good health and share how I apply in my own home everything I'm learning on this healthy journey...and so that I can stop emailing recipes to everyone!

DISCLAIMER: The content of this blog is merely the opinion of it's author as a result of countless hours of reading and research and is not meant to take the place of medical advice.  If you have questions please refer to your qualified health practitioner or medical professional.      


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