Thursday, January 17, 2013

coconut oil at costco...

I was in Costco earlier today buying organic sugar for kombucha and saw that they now are selling Nutiva Coconut Oil 78 oz(!) for $21.49, which is cheaper than Amazon.  Unfortunately this brand is packed in a plastic container (although it is non BPA), but it is organic, unrefined and cold-pressed.

There are so many health benefits to using coconut oil I will not even attempt to list them here.  If you're interested on learning more I recommend the book Coconut Cures by Bruce Fife.  I love that it keeps us healthy and protects against bacteria and viruses.  I've been slathering it on my son after every bath for the last three or four years.  If I try putting lotion on him now he freaks out.  One night close to Christmas he said, "Mom!  I know what we can get everyone for Christmas presents...coconut!"  Yes, he's a little brainwashed...or as I like to say 'UN-brainwashed'.

Our favorite ways to use coconut oil:

cooking eggs
sauteing veggies
frying brown rice tortillas
all baking in place of canola/vegetable oil
in my tea
stirred into oatmeal
spread on honey toast with a little himalayan salt
spread on a toasted sheet of nori and sprinkled with himalayan salt
face & body lotion (try whipping it first for extra creamy-ness!)
oil cleansing for soft skin & makeup removal
mixed with a little melted beeswax and lemon oil for wood polish
making chocolate
deep conditioning treatment for hair
anti-microbial/anti-bacterial toothpaste
healing rashes/skin issues
healing ear infections
healing everything, really...

i LOVE coconut oil!

Other organic/eco items I've found at Costco lately:

organic sugar
organic sweet potatoes
organic butternut squash (chopped and ready to make soup)
organic raisins
organic coffee
organic apples, carrots, spinach (juicing, anyone? they sell Vitamix blenders, too!) and other produce
organic chicken
organic hamburger (although I don't like theirs)
organic eggs (don't like these, either, sorry)
mary's gone crackers
ecos laundry detergent-magnolia and lily


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