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eggs | the perfect forgotten snack...

When I go into 'detox' mode the first thing that comes to mind is snacks.  I tend to be a bit more relaxed with my son's diet.  There will always be birthday parties, celebrations at school, eating at other people's houses, picky eating habits, etc.  We just eat very healthy at home, pack a lot of snacks and talk with him about good nutrition so that as he gets older he'll be able to make his own healthy choices.  The other day we were discussing foods in the car and he asked, "Mom, can I look at your blog later?  I just want to check it out." (I had to giggle...he's 5).  That being said, when we're clearing allergies or other things I tend to be a bit more vigilent with his outside foods. 

Last year his seasonal allergies were very bad and along with allergy clearing and food testing with Valerie I was very strict with his diet.  At first I went through the same anxiety with him as when I started my own detox (me, freaking out) "what is he going to eat?", and then having the realization that I had to make almost everything at home.

When we go to the grocery there are so many options that we forget how to eat simple, whole foods.  As long as we have the staples covered (organic meats & eggs, raw dairy, fruits and veggies, sprouted or grain-free bread) I can get away with having one or two extra types of snacks.  We don't need crackers and chips and cookies and trail mix every day of the week...  I always come back to the way my Grandma and Grandpa ate on the farm.  They didn't have a cupboard to open with five or ten bags of snacks to choose from, let alone a refrigerator!  My great-grandma made everything, simply.  The only thing she bought was sugar to use occasionally.  I love hearing about what my grandpa ate as he herded cattle in the mountains all summer or granny's funny stories about how she jumped on the bus every morning with her hair a mess from falling asleep on the cow while milking.  She still hates chickens to this day (says they're mean and they stink!), but I'm pretty sure the good nutrition they received in their youth is the reason both my grandparents are still healthy and going strong into their eighties...all that fresh, raw milk and all those good eggs!

Eggs are a perfect food, nutrient-dense, filled with high-quality protein, fat-soluble vitamins, EPA and DHA (brain food), choline (keeps cholesterol moving in the blood stream) and contain a perfect fatty acid profile in which omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids exist in a one-to-one ratio.  Of course I'm referring to eggs from organic, pasture raised hens.  In chickens fed only grains the omega-6 can be as much as 19 times more than the healthier omega-3 acids and a lot of the aforementioned nutrients are absent.  I've seen it recommended that adults eat up to 6 eggs a day, and not to worry, blood vessel damage is caused by oxidized cholesterol, not the healthy cholesterol found in eggs.  In Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon recommends feeding babies an egg yolk per day with a pinch of unrefined sea salt, begining at four months (whites not until one year) for increased mental development.

*If you're conceiving, pregnant or have already given birth I recommend The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care
*There are also a lot of resources for baby & children's nutrition at Nourishing Our Children and Weston A. Price Foundation

If you suspect you are sensitive to eggs try this test: crack and separate an egg.  Rub a small amount of egg white to the inside of one wrist and yolk to the other.  Let dry and leave on all night.  In the morning any sensitivities will show up as red/irritated skin.

I like my yolks to be creamy and soft after boiled.  Overcooking leads to a greenish hue on the outside of the yolk and destroys enzymes.  This boiling method results in a soft, buttery yolk that will melt in your mouth!  Buy good eggs!

Humble Kitchen's Perfect Boiled Eggs

-Place 1 dozen organic, pastured eggs in a small pot and cover with cold, filtered water
-Cover pot and place on medium-high heat until water boils
-Turn off heat without opening lid and let sit for 10 minutes
-Drain water from eggs and fill pot with more cold water until cool to stop eggs from cooking longer
-Place eggs in refrigerator to grab for a perfect snack...enjoy with a sprinkle of himalayan salt!

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