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My work encompasses all members of the family: children, teens and men …Parents, if you want to grow strong healthy kids build a foundation through nutrition.  If you want to eliminate the causes of their illnesses, clear allergies and remove the side effects of drugs…start your children off on the right foot with the right medicine-nutrition.
  • Women who want assistance with hormone balancing (Fertility, PMS, Peri/Menopause)
  • Men with medical problems and/or hormone concerns
  • Anyone who desires weight release, clearing of toxins and detoxification,
  • Restoring health during and after cancer treatment
  • Healthy aging…this is the right place for you.
EWHB provides nutritional education and support on how to improve your physical health, clear toxins, balance hormones and gain emotional strength. These will allow you to reach your potential as a physically and emotionally and spiritually empowered being (woman, man or child) that you were created to be.
To achieve success you will need to commit to yourself and overcome some resistance as you make time for yourself and the work that needs to be done. This is not a painful process but this is not a spectator sport. Relinquishing past beliefs that you are the victim no longer holds true.
You are responsible for your own health and with your commitment I will help you achieve this goal.
You didn’t arrive at your present state of “ill” health over night and it takes time, effort and patience to create physical and emotional wellness and improvement.
I am there with you coaching you along the way.
Imagine feeling great again…with vitality, energy and stamina. You can regain these feelings once again.
All you need is to be interested, motivated and committed to helping yourself. Those who participate in the restoration of their health will leave satisfied. Those who give up on themselves and quit cheat themselves out of the most incredible feelings of strength and well-being.

Valerie Ozsu MSN, CNM, NP, 
ProEFT Practitioner, Nutrition Response Testing, GAPS Practitioner

Over a year and a half ago I started visits with Valerie Ozsu.  Although I didn't suffer from any major illnesses I've always had the usual complaints...low energy, occasional bad skin, pms.  I attempted detoxing on my own a handful of times only to miserably fail.  Eating the way I thought I should never worked;  low-fat foods, chicken breast, plain salad...these things are not for me!  We did, however, eat mostly organic, used coconut oil extensively and avoided extremely processed foods containing high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, preservatives and artificial colors & flavors.  Still, in the past I've struggled with sugar addiction, depression, hormonal imbalances and always wondered if I may be gluten-sensitive.

My mom had been seeing Valerie Ozsu MSN, CNM, NP, ProEFT Practitioner, Nutrition Response Testing and GAPS Practitioner at the Natural Health & Wellness Center and urged me to meet her.  Valerie was able to tell me where I was challenged, which foods I should avoid at first and assured me that detox wouldn't last forever!  Surprisingly, it wasn't that difficult, especially knowing that my body was telling me exactly what it needed in order to be healthy.  I found much freedom in that and was so grateful and almost emotional in the beginning with the thought that with a little effort I could finally be healthy and feel great!  I started feeling better immediately and after a very short time I was able to add more to my diet and was learning more about health than I'd ever learned on my own.  Valerie used Nutrition Response Testing to gauge where my body was and exactly what supplements I needed with the goal of reducing the number of supplements I was taking as quickly as possible.
I began cooking and shopping differently and continued learning.  My husband immediately lost 20 pounds.  I noticed improvements in a myriad of issues: improved mood, decreased cravings, very few headaches, more energy, little to no pms and also began feeling connected to my body in a way I never had.  I was able to tell the effect of different foods instead of guessing if they were good or bad for me personally. This was not the result of changing what we ate so much as changing the quality of our food.  I found that it's very possible to change to a diet of healthy, nourishing foods even with time or money constraints.  Not everyone has the freedom or the willingness to prepare every single meal, but with a little research and a few resources, changing the way you eat can easily be done.  Because our foods were now nutrient dense and contained a lot of healthy fats there was never a sense of being deprived.  Quite opposite, we were loving the way we ate and are still amazed and excited about how delicious our food is.  Now if we do go out or eat somewhere else we realize how spoiled we are at home.  We just don't feel as well.  If my son is eating away for a couple meals his digestion inevitably is affected.  It feels great to know that I'm feeding my family the absolute best food available and they are so much healthier and balanced because of it.

My son has had seasonal allergies since he was a baby.  Every year down to the exact week when the trees bloomed in the spring he would get a croupy cough and I'd take him to the doctor who would always tell me no, it's not allergies, it must just be a virus and give me some cough syrup with steroids to open his airways.  As he got older he started getting puffy, red eyes along with the cough.  I would try to treat him naturally at home, but eventually I'd give in and get him over-the-counter allergy medicine.  Last year we were seeing Valerie so I took him in.  She tested him for foods and changed his diet (no grains, no sugar-only local honey, no dairy for a short time), added some supplements to the ones I was already giving him and did about four sessions of allergy clearing.  I think it was the third session he was holding the glass bowl with things he was allergic to and as she went over points his little eyes filled up in the corners.  It was the strangest thing...everything was literally being detoxed out of his eyes!  It took about 1-2 weeks and his allergies lessened to almost nothing.

We are now so much healthier.  I never would be learning as much as I am or have known where to start without Valerie.  I'm inspired by her knowledge, passion and gift for guiding people to health and wellness.  Having Valerie as a resource/reference/godsend and knowing I could call her for anything made the transition so much easier and kept me on task!  If you're ready to start getting healthy, call her! or find someone in your area who can help you take responsibility for your own health.  The choices and excuses you make today are creating your future...empower yourself!

The following is taken from the OCT/NOV newsletter from Valerie's Natural Health & Wellness Center:
Thoughts are units of energy. What you think about you bring about. Therefore, worry is a        form of praying for what you want.

524 Merchant Street, Ste A
Vacaville, CA   95688
As we near a time for voting I hope that you will keep in mind that we and our families are NOT lab experiments and companies like Monsanto and Dow have no right to damage the fuel that keeps our bodies and immune system functioning to its highest abilities.  I encourage you to vote yes on 37 and read between the lines and avoid being brainwashed by the ads saying that labeling will be expensive and that there is no harm in GMO foods.  Until the end of October you can watch for free the informational video on GMO’s and the damage it is doing to our bodies and environment:  Watch the movie:
Are you gluten intolerant or know someone who is? Watch this video where Tom Malterre, MS, CN, talks with Jeffrey Smith about how genetically modified (GM) foods in our diet may be contributing to the huge increase of gluten sensitivity and gluten intolerance in the US and Canada. 
What you can do to protect your health as the weather changes
  1. Get adequate rest
  2. Avoid sugars this impairs your immune function
  3. Reduce stress, avoid compulsive spending
  4. Laugh, breathe deeply, exercise
  5. Eliminate the use of TV’s, cell phones and computers to reduce overexposure of EMR’s (electromagnetic radiation)
  6. Eat healthy: learn to make broth, soups, roasted veggies etc, drink herbal teas to build your immune system and to increase your fluid intake
  7. Use coconut oil to cook with and make sure to get a quality form of Vit D when there is low sun exposure.You can purchase a good quality Vitamin D from here:
Just doing these things will prevent the necessity for getting a flu shot.   Avoiding the toxins of vaccines prevents the potential for future sickness and disease-including cancer or neurological disorders.   You can read more about this topic at:,

October-November 2012 Calendar of Events at Natural Health and Wellness Center, Inc.

October 31st  Osteoporosis Month:  Osteoporosis is scary and sugar contributes towards the weakening of bones and this problem starts in childhood.  I have never understood the tradition of taking our children to someone’s home to beg for candy when we teach our children not to accept candy from strangers.  Bags of carrots are now available.  I have Gymnema $5 off a bottle of 120ct if you are concerned about sugar cravings and need help in this area.
November 3rd, Saturday at 5pm:  Come and enjoy an organic meal cooked by Damon who will explain how to cook healthy meals that are tasty, quick and easy..  I can seat up to 5 couples.  Call to register and learn about healthy cooking for you and your family.  No charge.  No children please.
November 7th , Wednesday at 7pm:  Purification Class:
Just in time for the Holidays.  Get a jump start on how to enjoy the holidays and avoid weight gain, low energy, depression and digestive problems.   In this class I will share smoothie ideas and an easy way to feel good during the holidays and after.  Need to lose a few pounds for that special occasion?  The Purification Program can  help you do just that without starving yourself or feeling hungry all day/night. 

Upcoming Classes at NHWCenter:  TBA
Introduction to ProEFT
What is GAPS?
Healing the GERSON WAY nutrition for cancer
Purification Program
  Just in time before the Holidays.
Juicing Class/Smoothie Making Class-how to reverse diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, gallbladder and other digestive problems.
Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome Protocol:  Reversing Thyroid Disease
Remember friends and family are welcome to our events but seating is limited so call to reserve a seat.

Do you have a group of friends interested in a tea party for health?  Do you belong to a church group wanting health information?  Call and schedule for a complimentary 1-2 hr. session, or a 4-hr class: 707-474-9670

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